Meet the Experts

Bianca Monley
Eat Fit Food Founder

Eat Fit Food’s Founder Bianca Monley is a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and a true health foodie dedicated to changing people’s lives.

Originally from Wanaka New Zealand, Bianca moved to Sydney in 2000 armed with a passion for health, motivation for business and vast knowledge of food (thanks largely to a childhood spent around her parents family run restaurant).

In 2002 at just 22 years of age, Bianca launched Eat Fit Food.

Initially a one-woman show operating from her tiny apartment kitchen in Bondi, Bianca wore all the business hats, including ‘Chef’, ‘Delivery Driver’, ‘Accountant’ and ‘Sales/Marketing’. Fourteen years on, Eat Fit Food has evolved into a highly respected health food home delivery business, complete with a team of chefs, nutritionists and health experts across Sydney and Melbourne with plans to expand nationwide.

A mother to three beautiful children Harper, Winter and Finn, Bianca understands the absolute importance of health and wellbeing for individuals and families alike and uses her business as a platform to educate people on the core benefits of healthy eating and it’s positive impact on our busy lifestyles.

Established well before the health food industry resurgence, Bianca blazed the health conscious trail and cemented Eat Fit Food’s status as a trusted luxury health brand designed to support optimal health and weight loss.

With an extensive cast of Eat Fit Foodie followers like Hugh Jackman, Miranda Kerr, Rachael Finch, and Lindy and Michael Klim, Bianca is recognised as their go to person when in town to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

Since suddenly losing her mother to ovarian cancer in 2008 Bianca is actively involved in supporting local charities such as Pink Hope.

What’s next for Bianca? Having recently bought a property in The Southern Highlands, this dynamo plans to farm and grow organic produce to introduce into Eat Fit Food’s daily meals – a true paddock to plate experience.

With her young family and time spent on her new property Bianca will get back into the kitchen and create her very first cookbook. Stay tuned.

Jaime Rose Chambers APD (B.Nutr&Diet)
Eat Fit Food Dietitian & Nutritionist

Jaime Rose Chambers is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist. Jaime completed a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Newcastle in 2008 and is currently completing a Masters of Clinical Medicine for complementary therapies. Jaime has had a lifelong passion for food, cooking and recipe creation so when tossing up whether to become a chef or a Doctor, Jaime decided to combine the two and now as a Dietitian, treats her patient’s medical conditions with evidence-based, nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

Jaime sees her patients between Professor Kerryn Phelps’ two Sydney clinics - Sydney Integrative Medicine in Surry Hills and Cooper Street Clinic in Double Bay. Jaime treats patients with conditions that include overweight and obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, food allergies and intolerances, polycystic ovarian syndrome and cancers. Jaime spent the last six years as the Nutrition Leader for the NSW Government project Go4Fun, which is targeted at overweight and obese children aged seven to 13.

Jaime has a special interest in prostate and breast cancer and is strongly affiliated with the Prostate Cancer Centre at St. Vincent’s Hospital. Jaime regularly speaks with and educates at support groups for individuals with prostate and breast cancer as well as at corporate seminars on various nutrition topics. Jaime is a regular nutrition contributor for publications such as Cleo, Cosmopolitan and Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine and appears on shows such as Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

Private consultations are available to help you achieve your dietary and health goals. To make an appointment simply phone the office on 1300 30 29 30 or email

Anna Warren (BHSc Nut Med + BPsych)
Eat Fit Food Nutritionist & Client Services

Clinical nutritionist Anna Warren leapt head first into the health and wellness industry following an aggressive autoimmune diagnosis in her late teens which inspired her to experiment with the power of food as medicine. Anna’s astounding personal success based on her learnings motivated her to leave a future in Psychology behind to complete a Bachelor of Nutritional medicine. Coupled with her psychological know-how, Anna’s nutritional expertise has since been used to successfully transition many clients to optimal health.

Anna’s inherent passion to educate and inspire people to reach their long-term health goals (and enjoy life along the way), was the driving force behind the launch her own private Clinical Nutrition practice ‘The Nutrition Collective’ in early 2016. Specializing in gastrointestinal health and autoimmunity, Anna has an unwavering desire to educate people on the power of healthy wholesome food in the prevention of disease.

Private consultations are available to help you achieve your dietary and health goals. To make an appointment simply phone the office on 1300 30 29 30 or email

Danny O'Rafferty
Eat Fit Food Melbourne Head Chef

“Whether you’re creating a culinary masterpiece or making a piece of toast, cook with passion. Always cook with passion.’

Meet DANNY O’RAFFERTY, Head Chef for Eat Fit Food Melbourne.

Danny joined the Eat Fit Food team in 2012 as the Head Chef for our Melbourne operation. With 37 years of gastronomic experience Danny was the perfect fit for this important role. Globetrotting, diverse cuisines, new cultures and creating meals alongside like-minded people who are passionate about food has led Danny to truly understand how to cook innovative, flavoursome and nourishing wholefood.

Over his career, this award winning* chef has cooked for Ecuador President (1984-1988) Leon Esteban Febres-Cordero Ribadeneyra, Ecuador President (1992-1996) Sixto Duran, former World Number One tennis player Steffi Graf, Andres Gomez, former Australian Prime Minister (1996-2007) John Howard and former Australian Prime Minister (1972-1975) Gough Whitlam.

Born and raised in Ireland, Danny began his career at the Berkeley Court Hotel, one of Dublin’s most prestigious hotels and continued to hone his craft while working/travelling throughout Europe and Corfu.

Back on the Emerald Isle Danny served as Head Chef at an American diner where he sharpened his business acumen and as well as his ability to turnover a significant volume of meals (400-500) each evening. Following tenure in London as Senior Sous Chef at The Bristol Hilton; and in Ecuador as Executive Chef at Club de la Union, Danny arrived in Sydney and later Melbourne where he worked at Shores Seafood Restaurant and Federation Square/Red Scooter Function Centre, respectively.

*Awards: Danny garnered the Salon Du Culinaire for 1981-1982; he also received the Restaurant & Catering Hotel Associations Award: Best Function Centre 2003-2004 for his time at Red Scooter.

Danny’s honest passion for food is contagious…

Teymara Antonio-Wright
Transformational Therapist

Teymara is perhaps the most successful ‘transformational therapist' on the planet. She is a motivator, life coach, seminar presenter and much more.

Having cured herself of both an emotional eating issue (formed in childhood) followed by an eating disorder in her mid thirty’s she created her very successful Get Off The Emotional Eating Merry-go-round cd set which is based on the tools she used on herself.

To spend two days with this amazing woman who not only understands the self esteem and confidence issues created from carrying excess weight but also the emotional attachment to food and the merry-go-round it creates.

Add to her personal journey of getting out the other side diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy, clinical nutrition plus lecturing on psycho-nutrition you can be assured you’re going to be in great hands supporting you through an amazing two days of major breakthroughs.

To have someone who TOTALLY understands where you’re coming from and have been means you will be experiencing a woman lead by her heart and full of empathy. She is someone who has walked a mile in your shoes not just preaching from knowledge gleaned through books!

Visit her website at

Kathy Hillman
Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Kathy has 18 years experience as a personal trainer. After joining a small gym in Sydney’s Eastern suburb of Coogee straight out of high school in 1998. She completed her traineeship in Sports Conditioning and Personal Training and never looked back. Kathy completed her Certificate IV in Fitness from the Fitness Institute of Australia and began one-on-one and small group personal training.

Kathy prides herself on her dedication and experience with personalised fitness-matching, a far cry from the increasingly common “big gym chain” culture, Kathy’s training style is friendly, fun and personalised for you. Not just your membership number. Kathy follows her mantra that “fitness is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, and that a healthy diet plan is absolutely instrumental in maintaining healthy living.” Kathy has a wealth of experience in weight loss, resistance and cardio-vascular training, rehabilitation/injury management and prevention, and her latest conquest was a 3 year Pilates Instructor course with Roman Pilates. She continues to add to her strong fitness repertoire.  

“I have an energetic and bubbly personality and a strong passion for mixing both diet with personalised fitness. I make training fun, practical and realistic to each member’s lifestyle, whilst also maintaining a sustainable healthy living regime for you, from here onwards.  I look forward to helping you reach your health and lifestyle goals by tailoring your fitness regime with your delicious Eat Fit Food nutrition plans.“