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Emotional Eating Seminar

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Are you?

•Free of addictive behaviour to food?

•Free of guilt, fear, anger, frustration and depression about your weight and body

•Confident and have high self-esteem about your body and weight?

Many individuals hold negative beliefs formed in childhood and teen years about themselves, body, weight, food etc. Until the beliefs are resolved they will continue to be a challenge.

This special 1 day event will deal with weight/body/food issues at the very core.

Through clearing the negative beliefs and fears you hold about yourself, food, body, ageing and exercise you will be free of self-punishment plus negative self talk and thoughts.

Eat Fit Food has partnered with one of Australias leading emotional eating experts to develop a seminar that everyone can attend to start to target the negative belief systems that impact weight issues for all.

Exclusive to Eat Fit Food, the event will be 1 day and will allow the participants a nurturing and comfortable environment that will encourage participation and positive outcome.


Transformational Therapist

Teymara is perhaps the most successful ‘transformational therapist' on the planet. She is a motivator, life coach, seminar presenter and much more.

Having cured herself of both an emotional eating issue (formed in childhood) followed by an eating disorder in her mid thirty’s she created her very successful Get Off The Emotional Eating Merry-go-round cd set which is based on the tools she used on herself.

To spend two days with this amazing woman who not only understands the self esteem and confidence issues created from carrying excess weight but also the emotional attachment to food and the merry-go-round it creates.

Add to her personal journey of getting out the other side diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy, clinical nutrition plus lecturing on psycho-nutrition you can be assured you’re going to be in great hands supporting you through an amazing two days of major breakthroughs.

To have someone who TOTALLY understands where you’re coming from and have been means you will be experiencing a woman lead by her heart and full of empathy. She is someone who has walked a mile in your shoes not just preaching from knowledge gleaned through books!

Find out more about Teymara at WWW.TEYMARA.COM

Our next Seminar will be held in Sydney in March 2015, date and venue to be confirmed.
Email laura@eatfitfood.com.au for more information.

Want to get started on your journey now, try one of our great programs that will start to feed your body the right way to start your journey, or to book a one on one session with Teymara sooner please visit WWW.TEYMARA.COM